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Your Audience Will Leave Jake's Show...

Happier Than When They Came

More Connected As A Group

Having Been TRULY Amazed

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Hey, Nice To Meet You!

Jake performed his first magic trick at the age of 2, but he is now an international award-winning magician who has been called "The New Face Of Magic" by media outlets around the world. Jake is known for his outside-the-box style of magic and ability to do magic in ways that have never been done before. Jake's shows are high-energy, really funny, and incredibly personable (emphasis on the incredible AND the personable). Jake's shows are the perfect way to break the ice and allow your group to let their guard down and come together. Basically, Jake is the most magical best friend your audience never knew they had.

Jake performs regularly for universities, fortune-500 companies, pro sports teams, sold-out theaters, and TV shows
(Jake is one of the few magicians in the country with over 40 television appearances). He was the youngest headliner to ever sell out the esteemed Smoke and Mirrors Magic Theater in Philadelphia, and Jake recently wrapped up a history-making tour with the world-famous Savannah Bananas. This summer, Jake was featured in the ESPN+ original series, "Bananaland." 

Outside of being a world-class magician, Jake is a huge Philadelphia Flyers and Penn State football fan, and an avid musician.

Connect with Jake on social media @TheMagicOfJakeSchwartz to receive daily magic tricks and clips!

P.S. - don't worry, Jake will not talk about himself in the third person during your show :)

*Jake performs a select number of shows each month. Ensure your spot by clicking the button below.



This University Show is for those who want their campus to thank them for "the best event EVER" for MONTHS to come. This high-energy, hilarious, and uplifting show blends sleight of hand, mind-reading, and a RELATABLE sense of humor. In addition to leaving the show completely mind-blown, your students will feel more connected to each other and their campus by the end. Your campus has NEVER seen a show like this.


Jake Schwartz has worked with some of the largest companies in the world (Including Citi Bank, The Philadelphia Phillies, Warby Parker, HBO, Re/Max Properties, CBRE Real Estate, ESPN, and more) to bring a custom magic experience fit for their group. Using his unique blend of magic, mind reading, and comedy, even your most stubborn of skeptics will leave the show both amazed and inspired. This show is equal parts impossible, hilarious, and uplifting. Everyone in the audience will feel like they are a part of the show, and through the magic will feel a part of something bigger than themselves. Make YOUR next company event the one people will talk about for years to come, as your company's message is highlighted by captivating feats of impossibility. 


This is the most intimate and memorable way to experience magic - right under your nose! Book a walk-around show for your next special event or private party so your guests leave with memories of miracles that will last a lifetime. Watch as group by group, your guests cannot believe their eyes as Jake makes his way through the crowd. Through his personable and sociable personality, a walk around show with Jake is the perfect way to break the ice, enjoy a laugh with friends, and bring people together. Make your next special event the one that lives on through stories of great times by clicking the button below. 

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What's Everybody Saying?

"Jake performed at an event for our season ticket holders. His talent and professionalism made our event UNFORGETTABLE." 

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The Magic Of Jake Schwartz

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