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The Story Behind The Magic

"I performed my first magic shows at 2 years old, making my food 'disappear' for my parents 3 times per day. I quickly became interested and then obsessed with the moments a magic trick could create.

However, not everyone enjoys being 'FOOLED' over and over by a kid, so

I stopped telling people I was a magician altogether. 

Growing up I hid my passion from everyone until I learned how to tell STORIES through my magic. 

Suddenly, people weren’t made to be the FOOL, they were PART of a STORY. 

Rather than a challenge of 'bet you can’t figure this out,' I found I could bring people together through personable, engaging, and entertaining magic stories.

That's what it means to Come Together, Be Amazed, and Change The Game."


Jake Schwartz is a professional magician who has won international awards, appeared on television over 65 times, and is best known for performing in 3 World Tours with the most viral sports team on the planet as The Savannah Bananas’ Magician First Base Coach.

Jake has been called “The New Face Of Magic” by media outlets across the globe because of his hyper-personable, highly engaging, and high-energy style of magic. Jake has performed for fortune-500 companies, World-Series Champions, A-list celebrities, and for sold out MLB stadiums and hit TV shows. 

P.S. - don't worry, Jake will not talk about himself in the third person during your show :)

*No more than 80 total events are accepted each year. Ensure your spot by clicking the button below.

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When Savannah Bananas owner Jesse Cole asked for a phone call with Jake, he thought it was in regard to a corporate event for the team. Little did Jake know, that one phone call would turn in to so much more...

Jake is now the world's ONLY magician first-base coach, and you can find him performing magic in the stands, concourse, on the broadcast, on the ESPN+ original series "Bananaland," and of course on the field throughout the game as part of the greatest show in sports. 

The Savannah Bananas are the most viral sports team on the planet. They are known for playing a fast-pace version of baseball called "Bananaball." Jake performs for sold out stadiums blending magic and baseball in a way that has never been done before. Jake & The Bananas will play 6 MLB stadiums in 2024. 

The shared commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in order to create the highest-quality entertainment for fans is why The Bananas and Jake make such a great team.

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What's Everybody Saying?

"Jake performed at an event for our season ticket holders. His talent and professionalism made our event UNFORGETTABLE." 

Monday morning Magic

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The Magic Of Jake Schwartz

Bucks County, PA


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