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Customized Stage
Magic Show

Jake’s award-winning corporate stage shows are specifically designed to allow your guests to bond, come together, and feel part of something bigger than themselves through the magic. This is not just a series of tricks, but rather a show performed in collaboration with your audience. Jake will work with you to design an experience that is built around the type of outcome you’re looking for at your event (networking, fun/celebration, team bonding, motivating/inspiring your group, etc.). Jake’s shows involve visual magic, mind reading, and a bunch of relatable humor. This unique style/voice is why top brands across the country rely on Jake to absolutely blow the minds of important clients, senior executives, and groups of all sizes. This experience is a great fit for executive retreats, conferences, conventions, gala dinners, awards banquets, and other formal events that involve a seated audience.

Close Up/Walk-Around Magic

This is the most intimate and memorable way to experience magic - right under your nose! A walk-around show is the perfect way to ensure a casual affair like a cocktail hour, breakout session, networking event, holiday party, etc. goes off without a hitch and is FUN for ALL who attend. Watch as group by group, your guests cannot believe their eyes as Jake mingles through the crowd revealing the name of their first crush, causing objects to teleport, predicting their favorite sports team, and more. Through his personable and sociable personality, a walk around show with Jake is the perfect way to break the ice, get the conversation going, and enjoy a laugh with friends or colleagues. Don't put a ton of work into an event just to watch your guests stand around and twidddle their thumbs - make sure your guests leave with memories of miracles that will last a lifetime!

Jake On Stage

Jake Close Up

Jake On TV

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