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Come together. Be amazed. Change the game.
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Jake’s corporate stage shows are specifically designed to allow your guests to bond and come together through the magic, and that’s why companies like Citi Bank, The Philadelphia Phillies, Bank Of America, Warby Parker, HBO, Fifth/Third Bank, Re/Max Properties, CBRE Real Estate, Major League Soccer, ESPN, and more trust him to bring the FUN to their events. This experience is a great fit for executive retreats, conferences, conventions, gala dinners, awards banquets, and other formal events that involve a seated audience. A stage show with Jake is for those looking to experience jaw-dropping “WOW” moments throughout the show involving a unique blend of magic, mind reading, and relatable humor. If you want your event to be something your guests THANK YOU for, rather than feel obligated to sit through, click the “Book Jake” button below.


This University Show is for those who want their campus to thank them for "the best event EVER" for MONTHS to come. This high-energy, hilarious, and uplifting show blends sleight of hand, mind-reading, and a RELATABLE sense of humor. In addition to leaving the show completely mind-blown, your students will feel more connected to each other and their campus by the end. Your campus has NEVER seen a show like this.



This is the most intimate and memorable way to experience magic - right under your nose! A walk-around show is the perfect way to ensure a casual affair like a cocktail hour, breakout session, networking event, holiday party, etc. goes off without a hitch and is FUN for ALL who attend. Watch as group by group, your guests cannot believe their eyes as Jake mingles through the crowd reading minds and performing expert, award-winnig sleight-of-hand. Through his personable and sociable personality, a walk around show with Jake is the perfect way to break the ice, get the conversation going, and enjoy a laugh with friends or colleagues. Don't put a ton of work into an event just to watch your guests stand around and twidddle their thumbs - make sure your guests leave with memories of miracles that will last a lifetime!

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